Meet africans who innovate

Publish on 09/08/2017

A brilliant young cameroonian, passionate about innovation. He is ready to break down walls, to build bridges, to climb mountains and to put fire, all to achieve his goals.

Cédric ATANGANA is a 25 years old african entrepreneur. He graduated from Polytechnic School in Marseille, after studying Computer Sciences and Lean Start-up.

As a positive thinker, he is committed to achieve the impossible. Ranked among the 30 Top best african entrepreneurs under 30, he defines his way of living through design, creativity and disruptive innovation. With his team, he has created INFINITY SPACE, a start-up that intends to solve the most complex problems in the World with easy to use and beautiful solutions. Just like WECASHUP, a universal mobile payment system that enables global merchants to accept mobile money payments online from unbanked people in Africa. A huge challenge in regards with the 800 million people and more who have no credit cards to pay online but use local mobile money solutions. WECASHUP is a revolution to e-businness in Africa. Through innovation, Like Cedric Atangana, africans are determined to embrace the current challenges and to find the most suitable solutions to them. The young entrepreneur says : « We had to figure out something. How to connect all these people ? And we did it ».
The ambition of EDF, is to reveal, to support and assist this innovative dynamic.
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